The Pandemic has brought a lot of chaos as well as a chance to reflect for us all. For weddings, many couples had to postpone their big days because of lockdown or closure of the venues, however, nothing can stop us love one another. Many couples, after experiencing all these chaos, choose to get married in this unprecedented period of time. Some couples would also grab this opportunity to have a small wedding of their dream without breaking the bank. Lockdown has been lifted slowly, are you planning to get married soon? For intimate weddings and multi-days celebrations, we have posted our top tips in some posts. Please read the followings:
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About Rundown
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Below, we would like to introduce elopements type of wedding and describe how we can serve and celebrate with you.

You can wake up when you feel the warmth of sunlight instead of waking up because of the alarm and knowing you will rush into a war zone early morning for ‘getting ready’.

You can wear anything representing your character, white is not the only colour.

You can invite as few guests as you want, or choose not to invite any at all, instead of having parents and in-laws invite people you may not know well. 

You can have the ceremony anywhere as long as the paper is signed.

You can go bowling with your best friends and share a large bucket of chicken wings and pizza instead of having a formal drinking reception. (You can have it as well if you want.)

You can sit around the campfire and share love stories instead of passing the mic for giving formal speeches which sound like a half an hour lecture.

With or without first dance, to cut a cake or not, these are all your choices, not a must. You don’t need a ‘sparkler exit’ if you don’t want to. In fact, we would like to photograph the way you begin your new life. Getting married in your style – that’s elopement.

      Tips for planning:

  1. Based on your Love Story – Where do you like to hang out with your partner? What kind of activities represent your character? 
  2. Think about the whole day arrangement – Most people just think of the registration ceremony. In fact, it is worth celebrating your love for the day, not just for 1 or 2 hours. This wedding day for you (Regardless how small it is; you see it as the day to sign the paper only; or it is a separate day of your coming bigger celebration) is as important as big weddings. It is because you and your other half worth it.
  3. Invest in the items and activities that celebrate your love and preserve your memory.
  4. Invite guests who are important to you both.
  5. Be Creative, feel free to take below examples as reference.

Sabrina & Josh Urban Elopement | 8/8/2020

Getting Ready Location: Airbnb in Waterloo
Ceremony Location: London Eye
Additional Portrait Location: Thames Riverside
Meal/Celebration Location: Airbnb in Waterloo

The night before: Decorate Airbnb balcony and Tandem bicycle
9:00 am – Makeup artist arrive, start getting ready
10:00 am – Photographer and videographer arrive for boudoir shoot, details and getting ready shots
11:00 am –  Dress up + First Look (Balcony)
12:00 pm – Travel to London Eye (by Cab)
1:00 pm – Ceremony with Personalised vows in London Eye, Group photos on London Eye
2:00 pm – More photos in Jubilee Garden
3:00 pm – Ride bicycle along Thames Riverside and take photos (Waterloo to Millennium Bridge) 
4:00 pm – (Millennium Bridge to Tower Bridge)
5:00 pm – (Tower Bridge to Westminster, end at Big Ben)
6:00 pm – Travel back to Airbnb by bicycle, Makeup artist arrive, change into red evening gown, touch up, Private Chef arrive
7:00 pm – Simple Chinese Tea ceremony, Dinner with family and close friends
8:00 pm – Cake cutting and Speeches
9:00 pm – First Dance (Balcony), Karaoke start, Night photo shoot
10:00pm – Photographer depart
11:00pm – Party end
Next day: Return Tandem

Maddie & Paul Countryside Elopement | 17/9/2020

Getting Ready Location: Ballyness Caravan Park 
Ceremony Location: Giant’s Causeway
Additional Portrait Location: Along the coast, Old Bushmills Distillery
Meal/Celebration Location: Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge

9:00 am – Photographer and videographer arrive, Breakfast, Start getting ready
10:00 am – Details shots and Dress up
11:00 am – Travel to Old Bushmills Distillery
12:00 pm – Visit Old Bushmills Distillery and buy a bottle of Whisky
1:00 pm – Travel to Giant’s Causeway visitor centre, quick light lunch in camper, meet guests and Celebrant
2:00 pm – Walk to ceremony spot (by seaside), Touch up, Ceremony start
3:00 pm – Group photo and Confetti
4:00 pm – Couple portraits
5:00 pm – Travel to Carrick a Rede rope bridge, more photos
6:00 pm – BBQ
7:00 pm – Sunset shoot
8:00 pm – Stargaze and Outdoor movie
9:00 pm – Photographer depart
10:00 pm – Return to Caravan Park

Mary & Martin Destination Elopement | 14/2/2021

Getting Ready Location: Ca’ Sagredo Hotel, Venice
Ceremony Location: on Gondola
Additional Portrait Location: Around the City, The Glass CathedralMeal/Celebration Location: The Gritti Terrace in The Gritti Palace, Met in Hotel Metropole

7:00 am – Wake up, Quick Breakfast
8:00 am – Makeup artist arrive, start getting ready
9:00 am – Photographer and videographer arrive for boudoir shoot, details and getting ready shots
10:00 am –  Bouquet arrive, Dress up + First Look, Travel to The Glass Cathedral by water bus
11:00 am – The Glass Cathedral workshop – make symbols of love in Murano Glass and Perfume workshop
1:00 pm – Lunch in The Gritti Terrace at The Gritti Palace, touch up, walk to Gondola station nearby
3:00 pm – Ceremony on the gondola with Personalised vows, exchange rings, ‘symbols of love glass’ and Perfume, champagne 
4:00 pm – Wander around and take photos, starting from St. Mark’s Square (Sunset at 5:30pm)
6:00 pm – Dinner in Met restaurant, Hotel Metropole (with Masquerade theme)
8:00 pm – Musician arrive, Cake cutting, First Dance
9:00 pm – Night photo shoot on the street
10:00pm – Photographer depart
11:00pm – Return to Ca’ Sagredo Hotel

We, Forever Love Wedding, are here to help. We can run through your dream wedding day rundown with you, plan the shots and take photos and videos on your big day. Contact us for more information.