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Bishops Park engagement photo and video filming day with a stylish Indian bride to be and groom to be in Bishops Park, Putney, Fulham, London
What information do you need to provide before your wedding day photo shoot?

1. Time and location.

2. Restriction of the venues (e.g.Does the venue allow flash photography during the ceremony and the signing of documents?)

3. Logistics of the group photo section

4. Any special needs

5. Two contacts whom we can reach on the day

What is your style?

We consider ourselves as ‘reflectors’ who mirror your energy and emotion back to your photos and videos. When you are in a romantic mood, we will not ask you to jump high and laugh; when you are nervous (normally before the ceremony), we will try to comfort you, but will not force you to change your mood as it is a natural emotion. It is your wedding, we would love you to have it in your way.

Except capturing the real emotion, we like to create creative shots for you. Use light, environment, details, and textures to tell your story. The main photographer and videographer come from fashion and journalism background. Our shots will create a complete collection for you.

For post-production, we aim to enhance the look of the shots but not to change colours dramatically. Unless you request us to do create, one thing we normally not to do is edit a blue sky in when it was a rainy day because it is not telling the true story.

We do not like to follow trends and apply ‘filters’ on your photos which created by other photographers or editors. We make our own settings to enhance your photos and videos. You can expect your collection does not look like the photos and videos trending on social media. In fact, classic elegant look is timeless.

Is there any other cost other than the service price?

For weddings, please kindly provide staff food if the shoot is more than 6 hours long. We strongly advise you to consider having us as ‘guests’ or arrange for us to locate not far from the banquet place, so we won’t be missing any shot.

Transportation and accommodation are included in the package. And we do not charge VAT on top.

Our venue wants to see a copy of public liability insurance. Are you covered?

Yes, we are fully insured with public liability insurance as well as insurance for our equipment.

I would like to learn photography and/ or videography from you, do you offer courses?

Yes, we provide 1-2-1 mentoring at the moment, as it is the best way to give you a good learning experience. We will start with theory, then go practice. We can also arrange an editing workshop on the same day, too. Contact us for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Rates?

We provide tailor-made service, so it is hard to give an accurate quote without knowing the details. Our rate starts from £200 for an hour of photography (not include albums, prints, or travel expenses outside London) to a few thousand pounds with multiple days booking and different services.

We have set some package examples below, but feel free to contact us to find out more.

How much time you need to shoot us on our wedding day?

Please do not adjust your timetable for us, as we like to take shots for your day, however, we are happy to share experience and assist rundown planning so that you can expect more photos and footage taken. It is totally up to you whether you would like to do the ‘first look’ before the ceremony, have another day for your own portraits or you want natural candid shots only. We can give you a rough idea about length here:

Getting Ready shots – We would like to arrive at the bride’s place 1.5 hours before she needs to head to the ceremony.

Group shots – We normally take the big group shots right after the ceremony or confetti shots when everyone is gathered around. It will take around 5-10 mins to organise depends on the number of guests. It will take 3-5 mins for each smaller group.

Couple portraits – It will be a luxurious treat if we can have one hour of your wedding day to take couple portraits for you. Throughout the 250 weddings, we have served so far, around 6 weddings gave us this privilege. We have 15 to 30 mins on average for couple portraits normally.

Please do not worried if you cannot arrange couple portrait time for us during drinking reception. We understand you may want to catch up with friends and family. You can consider having the evening portraits done instead. When everyone is on the dance floor, you can sneak out to have some romantic shots done.

What can I expect from your service?

To be able to witness love stories and celebrate life is our honour. We love to see the emotion and event unfold naturally, 90% of our shots are reportage. For some shots, we may direct and style you which will help you to express the emotion inside you. Everyone loves to see the best versions of themselves. We aim to surprise you and use the images to move you. That is why we do what we do – for creating all the wonderful photos and videos which ‘freeze the time’ and preserve memory.

You have not shoot in the venue I booked before. What will be your approach in shooting in a new place?

We love to go to different locations to shoot. We can always shoot with new angles which could be different from the other team who shoot multiple times in the same place.

What kind of gear the team use?

We are all Canon shooters and we only use full-frame cameras. We are also equipped with different lenses that allow us to get wide-angle, middle-range, and close-up shots. For photography, we mainly use flashes to create effects. For videography, we use LED light, mic, proper audio cable, stabiliser, tripod, slider to make sure we get both video and audio clear for editing.

When will we able to see our photos and videos?

There is roughly a 10 – 12 week waiting time. For printed products, there is another 8 weeks wait for the delivery.

Are there any restrictions in selecting photo shoot locations?

You can take photos almost anywhere with a valid permit! If you do not want to be stopped by security guards when you are taking photos along the river Thames, some royal parks, football clubs, museums, churches and private areas, then please apply for the permit first.

We can help with the permit applications. Normally the process takes at least a week. Please let us know the location for your photoshoot at least 10 days in advance.
Clients are responsible for relevant permit fees.

What happens if unexpected things occur? e.g. Rain? Illness?

For engagement & pre-wedding shoots:

If such things occur during the photoshoot, we will see if we find an alternative, for example, changing the rundown. If we, unfortunately, need to reschedule the second half of the photoshoot, we do not charge any fee for booking the latter half. If we cannot schedule another date, we will reduce our price in accordance with our actual working hours, but unfortunately, the deposit is non-returnable.

If anything that may adversely affect our work should occur before the scheduled shoot, we can only reschedule for another date and the deposit is non-returnable. From our experience, it is still possible to take good photos even during light showers. If heavy rain is expected on the day itself and we need to shoot outdoors, we will suggest rescheduling for another day (unless it’s your wedding day).

If a health problem or accident occurs, we will arrange backups for your event.

Why is it important to have the engagement shoot before the wedding day?

Although the engagement shoot is optional, we strongly recommend it because:

1. It gives us a chance to get to know more about you, your style, your story, and the rundown of your wedding.
2. It allows us to make sure we know what you are expecting in terms of both taking the photos and the retouching style.
3. It lets you get used to being around the camera and working with us to make memorable photos.

Is there anything we need to be aware of?

For health and safety and insurance reasons, we do not allow anyone who is not in our team to touch our equipment – even if they are well-trained in photography! So, although we know your friends are very helpful, please do not invite them to assist us in carrying equipment or taking photos. We request to be your exclusive camera team as we have our own way to capture the event as a team. If there are other photographers and videographers who will work with us, please let us know their contacts in advance, so that we know their working styles in advance.

We would like to book you as our photographer and/ or videographer. How do we book you?

Contact us to check availability, please state the date and location, as well as the type of services you need. After that, we will provide a pricing guide for you to get a rough idea. You can tweak and adjust the service needed and we will provide the final quote. 

When you are happy with that, we will send over a contract. We require 30% of the total as booking fee for holding the date for you (destination shoot would be 50% of the total). Once we received a signed copy of the contract, we will send over an invoice. 

Are you professional full-time photographer and videographer?

Yes, we are 10 years in this industry and going strong. Although we have roughly 25 to 50 engagement and wedding sessions per year, we shoot commercials on weekdays as well. You can be sure we are not the kind of photographer and videographer who only ‘practice’ in the job.