Due to limitation for number of guests, a lot of couples have to break their big days into two or a few celebrations. It is common in cultural weddings and for couples’ whose family members based in different countries. We have came across a lot of multi-days weddings, and here are some tips for the grooms and brides who are planning to get married soon, right after lockdown lifted.


As you are going to have different parties, would you consider to have different themes for your wedding celebration to spice things up?Perhaps the guests attend could have different dress code for each party? The decorations and colours could be different as well.

On another hand, you may want to recycle the decoration instead, but then you will need to think about stocking and logistics. Think about things that could be easily transport and light weight in this case.

Most of your guests would be only coming to the banquet, it is a good idea to play the marriage registration or wedding ceremony video. What we can do is to create a ‘same day effect’ video. To link this first day highlight video with the couple grand entrance to the banquet. To know how we can make it for you, contact us to discuss.

Consider to have an outdoor banquet or ‘pop up’ marquee banquet instead of indoor banquet. It is simply because there is a lower chance for your guests to catch the virus when people are gathered outdoor.

There will be guests could not be presented, have your wedding broadcasted would be a good idea. There are many softwares and hardwares allow you to make your virtual wedding comes true. You can use Zoom, Skype, Google meeting, etc. We can help you to provide your guests with a 360 virtual experience. If you are interested, contact us to discuss. A big tip for your guests feel they are a part of the wedding – why not send them the same type of flowers and food the other guests presented would have? You can also request them to dress up when attending the virtual celebration.

For guests who cannot come, we suggest them to take some portraits of themselves if possible. Then we can print them out (just simple portraits or full body length board cards) as avatars to be presented in the wedding.

Give us a call or simply email us to discuss any idea you have. We would love to make your dreams come true!