From the moment saying ‘Yes’, couples start to plan their weddings. Flowers, Dress, Bridesmaids, Guest list, Food, Drink, Sitting plan, Invitations, Transportation, Venues, Accessories, Hair and make up, Photographer, DJ… There is a long list of things couples will consider if they decided to throw a big party. ‘How should I start planning it?’ We saw this question appears almost everyday on Facebook, so we decided to suggest some books which may help all future Mr. and Mrs.

Wedding Day in Holland Park, London

Wedding photography and wedding videography service for a beautiful British Indian couple

The Wedding Planner. You and Your Wedding: Everything You Need to Plan the Perfect Day

The DIY Wedding Manual: How to create your perfect day without a celebrity budget

Indonesia Wedding

Indonesia Wedding

Since all couples are different and unique, there is not a model which can fit everybody. Consider to read books according to your religion and culture:

East London

East London


African Wedding

Muslim Wedding

Indian Weddings

Indian Wedding 2

Chinese Wedding

Chinese Wedding 2

Jewish Weddings



We always amazed by the creativity of our couples. If you are too busy, consider to employ a wedding planner to help you. We will have another post about wedding planner introduction soon.