Except adding event broadcast in weddings, we see another rule broke during the virus outbreak – The Take Away Banquet

There were quite a few cases showing relatives who may not have obvious symptoms spread the bugs during family gathering. Some senior family members may not want to attend the events. To stop your guests worrying, would you consider having your banquet “take away”? 

This wedding was held in Hong Kong on 10/3/2020. The couple did not want to further postpone their wedding and wanted to see if the venue could help them. 150 take away meals were prepared. During the “banquet”, only drinks were provided. 

The Chinese banquet is quite different from a proper Western sit down dinner. It looks like a ‘semi-buffet’. Waiting staff would place the whole dish (normally 8 to 20 dishes are included) for the guests on the same table to share. The junior family members have to place the food into the seniors’ bowls in normal Chinese etiquette. Some people believe that would help spreading the virus.

Back to Europe, if you are going to have a buffet style banquet, would you change it to a sit down dinner instead and perhaps cancel the canapés during drinking reception? Or you will have the food packed for the guests? Feel free to share your views. 

We care about weddings as we understood these are important events for most of the families. We are happy to share what we heard and know with bride-to-be and groom-to-be. Feel free to Contact us to discuss any concern you have.

(Some of the photos below came from Facebook group: 巴打絲打Facebook Club and interviewees in HK)