One may think, looking from the outside, that the wedding day is all about the bride and the groom, the one special day to celebrate the newlyweds and their union but, as much as it may be so, being witness to many wedding celebrations as photographers/videographers, we are reminded again and again that it is much more… It is a day to celebrate love, in all it’s wonderful forms and manifestations. When you think of all the love that finds its way through one’s life, from family and friends to love between two kindred spirits, the wedding day is ultimately the culmination of all that affection that cradles two people in love into their joined life together. With so much love and sentiment in the air it truly is the most joyful occasion of them all.

This time we had the honour to be a part of the special day of our nature-loving couple, Akruti and Raj.

Our journey through this magical love story and Jain tradition took us first to bridal Henna party at the Katwa Patidar Centre in Harrow, London. It’s monumental main Hall was transformed into the beautiful oasis of green and earthy tones which was completely in sync with our couples’ passion and personality. The grand photo backdrop enriched with a multitude of greenery and white and deep pink flowers perfectly matched with the whole theme of the night. After the elaborate application of the Henna from the bride-to-be, to all the females in the house, this fun-filled event soon became a grand affair when they were joined by the groom and his close ones. All family members and friends joined in and filled the room with joy, amusement and cheers. Our happy couple laughed and danced together, she in her intricate coral red sari enriched with gold threads and complemented with a lovely red hue of the Mehndi and him in white and deep blue tones again with dashes of gold… They truly were a sight to behold. Even the speeches that their sisters made were funny with heartfelt, bursting with giggles, playfulness and wit. The happiness was in overflow and you could feel the excitement in our newlyweds-to-be beaming through. The sentiment continued and soon the whole hall became one big party, with everyone twirling and shaking to the sounds of the DJ’s mix. It was a night of celebration and anticipation of what is to come: a lifetime of togetherness.

And the wedding was just a few short days away. Located at the Oshwal Centre in Harts, with its immense grounds rich in history, tradition and sacredness it was the perfect venue for our couple to offer their respects and honour their heritage. It is a place of peace, spirituality and grace all echoed in the ceremony that united our newlyweds into blessed bliss. The bride was the epitome of beauty in her white sari enriched with gold detailing, it was as if the specs of gold were sprinkled all over and she enlighted the room with her presence. Her Mehndi was deep red and it only enhanced the divinity of her assemble with hints of red on her lavish jewellery of diamonds and pearls. She truly looked like a bride of dreams. Her groom’s attire was perfectly coordinated with his loved one, dressed all in white with the golden flower design that adorned his Sherwani. He looked like a real-life prince anxiously waiting for his princess. Upon arrival, he was blessed with kumkum powder and by breaking small clay pot he once more fortified his wish to make Akruti his wife. Welcomed by her family and friends he entered the Mandap, a vast and eye-catching centrepiece that stood high and gorgeous with its well embellished wooden pillars decorated with moss and fresh flowers. The golden arch backdrop was impeccably matched with gold chairs so the whole platform invoked humility and amazement. Soon after he was joined by his beautiful bride, accompanied by her mama’s and brothers as she approached him all lit from inside. They promised to love, respect and commitment to one another by exchanging the flower garlands and were joined as one by sari and varmala. They looked truly happy together and playful at times but with the strong acknowledgement of the importance of this life-changing moment. Their joined walk around the Holly fire was very graceful and loving, surrounded by their loved one’s blessings and affection. Akruti’s Ghar Choru was very vibrant and decadent. With its deep red and gold threading, it seamlessly uplifted her entire outfit and made her look even more impressive and stunning… and we thought it was impossible! After Raj sprinkled a sindoor on Akruti’s head and placed Mangalsutra around her neck, they chanted their vows together as they were forever bound by love, as husband and wife. It was a moment of pure happiness that spread through the room and filled us all with feelings of warmth and excitement.

After the ceremony, our newlyweds took some time to themselves and did a photo shoot around the Oshwal Centre taking the advantage of its grand structure and its bountiful park and row nature. Those were the most intimate moments for our happy couple as they showed so much affection and closeness that we could feel the immense love that was growing between, a family that was forming before our eyes. Hand in hand they took their first steps as husband and wife down the ever winding road that is life.

We feel very thankful and happy for the opportunity to be a part of such an inspiring love story. Akruti and Raj showed us how love can only multiply if shared. “Families are like trees. Our branches may grow in different directions but our roots remain as one.”.