This is a Disney themed wedding mix with traditional Sri Lankan wedding. With the slight off-white wedding dress, the bride looks like Bella in Beauty and the Beast (The make up artist did a great job!), however, the handsome groom definitely not looks like a beast. He looks more like a prince!

We came to Hunton Park hotel near Watford for the wedding. “The videos are amazing!” The groom from Essex and bride from Paris love them so much. “Well, thank you for making your wedding fabulous!” When we saw the super car and horse carriage, we know this cannot go wrong, the clips would look very grand and fairytale like.

To make the videos interesting, we interviewed the groom and bride, also one of the bridesmaids before the wedding and use the audio voice over for the videos. It helps telling the story, showing how the groom and bride felt before the wedding.

In the traditional part of the wedding, it showed emotional moment of the day. The groom’s sister gave a speech and the family has organised a surprised performance for the newlywed!

We had two cameras this time, taking turns to film A roll (documentary) and B roll (cinematic shots). At the same time, one person deal with the audio capture. We have produced a highlight video and a feature video for the couple. Do you like the result? Drop us a few lines to leave your comments.

After this grand wedding, we had a bit of time walking to Watford train station from the venue and had some couple time for ourselves. My husband has picked up some lovely flowers on the side of the road. This is a simple kind of celebration of love. Quite a contrast from the grand wedding. There was no grand set up and beautiful carriages around. No matter how big or small the celebrations showed, love worth to be celebrated.

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Venue: Hunton Park Hotel
Hair and makeup artist: Skhmakeup
Horse Carriage: Carlton Wedding Carriages