Everybody gets so busy with wedding preparations that they ignore the last few moments of their lives as bachelors and bachelorettes. No matter how happy you may be in your marriage, you will miss this time and it is never coming back. You might be able to maintain the same bond with your friends and colleagues. But it is never going to be the same between you and your partner. Apart from ensuring banquet hall for wedding, food, guest list, couples should not ignore the most important factor to cherish the time lifelong. This is why you need some pre wedding photoshoot ideas to capture these precious memories in frame forever.

Budget for the Photoshoot

Your pre wedding photoshoot plans need to revolve around your budget. If money is no matter, you can book a day at a resort and get pre wedding photoshoot and videos you want at a destination tourist spot. If you are tight on the budget, or want to focus most of it on the wedding ceremonies to follow, you could do some smart planning and still get the best pre wedding photos.

So, Indian pre wedding shoot ideas can range from an all India tour for elaborate photography over days, to a single day trip all over the city, with a bag of clothes to change, and a good camera along.

You may or may not hire a professional photographer. There is no such pressure. You can ask a photographer friend to tag along with his or her DSLR. That will be enough.


If you are spending thousands on a location and photography permits, you are good to go. You already have a beautiful pre wedding photoshoot location and you have probably hired a photographer there. But if you are going more DIY, you need some planning. You need some pre wedding photoshoot tips from people who have done it before. Some of them are right here for you.

  • You need to keep at least two days at hand for the photoshoot even with the best planning. You will not be able to get everything you want, done on one day.
  • You must start early in the morning because the sunrise hues are not to be missed.
  • You need to carry a change of clothes to make the photographs look versatile.
  • You will need some props like balloons and soap bubbles or flowers to pose with.
  • You will need to have your hair styled early in the morning so that it stays that way for the rest of the day.
  • You need to carry your face wash, makeup, and hair curler or straightening iron to make sure your look is always on point. You will need some touch ups because it is going to be a busy day.
  • If you don’t own a car, hire one for the day. Don’t go on public transport. You will need to be comfortable in some air conditioning and you need a dedicated car at your disposal throughout the day.
  • Needless to say, you need to know where you are going for the photoshoot. The most valuable pre wedding shoot tips are the ones that tell you where to go.
  • When you have the list of places, plan your route beforehand so that you waste no time deciding where to start once you are in the car.

Basically, you need to be all prepared like the car hire or borrow, the photographer, camera hire or borrow, all need to be planned out beforehand. You need to set out early in the morning and you need a good night’s sleep before that so that you look good. So, everything must be done at least two days before the day you plan to go for the shoot. Maybe even take a shower before going to bed so that the makeup and hair are the only things left to do in the morning.

This one will be easy for the man. He can take a quick shower and he will come out looking good. So, help your fiancé get all packed when you are ready. Don’t slack and leave it all up to her. If you can plan things this way, you can pull it off in a single day.

For Extravagant Plans

For an elaborate plan with a lot of expenditure, you will just need to take care of venue bookings and photographer hiring. You can go on a Rajasthan tour, or a Kerala tour. You can take a friend along for the photography, that would be the best. You could also sponsor a professional photographer’s trip. It would be better to just carry a camera and hire photographers on spot though. That is what most people do. Every destination photography location you go to, be it Goa, Agra, Kovalam, Jaipur, Ladakh, or Shillong, you will find photographers ready to cooperate.

Don’t forget some pre wedding photoshoot tips that will get you through with the entire trip successfully:

  • If you want romantic poetry like pictures, go for seemingly candid shots. Go for a trip that is mostly a relaxing vacation.
  • If you want actual candid shots and if you want your power couple energy to reflect in the photographs more than the romantic aura, go for a mild trek route or a bike trip.
  • Book the hotel in advance so that you don’t have to pay surged prices.
  • Take enough batteries for the camera along with you so that you don’t have to waste a day because the camera ran out of charge.
  • It is best if you take a known friend for the photography, he or she will know you guys enough to know what kind of photographs you want.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy your trip. This is probably the last one as an unmarried couple.

These pre wedding photoshoot ideas will help you plan your photoshoot in any budget. Just give the planning enough time. Be it the location, your appearance, or the poses, think it all through.