It is always challenging to combine two cultures in one wedding, however, we found that they tend to be more refreshing as we can experience something different. Here is one example – a British Indian wedding in a modern barn.

Father of the bride accompanied the bride for the bridal entrance

This wedding had another story for the couple, their guests and for us. The wedding was a mixture of white classic style, Indian traditional style and modern barn set up. The groom is a White British and his guests who did not know much about Indian Jain wedding ceremony process like the prayers and blessings. The priest was using both Indian and English to explain the whole process, to get the guests interested.

Their wedding ceremony and banquet were hold in The Barn at Botley Hill, Warlingham, Surrey. This wedding venue is so fascinating for us. It is located in countryside so close to south London. Except the modern glass window wall of the barn, we chose the green valley as the backdrop for their couple portrait photos.

We wish them have happy married life forever ever after. If your wedding is going to be held in green countryside also, jot us a few lines, we would love to cooperate with you and produce your family heirloom. Thank you!