A sad statistic showed the number of the domestic violence increased during lockdown since couples (and family members) are sticking together a lot more. Tension could be increased and unsolved problems would intensify.

No one chose to live with and to love someone who would harm themselves in the first place. A lot of tragedies actually came from miscommunication. To love someone is a life-long lesson. Instead of looking back and blame each other what they have done wrong, shall we look forward and see what we can do if we still commit to make it work?

We are not relationship experts and can’t solve every family issues, however, we would love to suggest our couples to look at their own love languages.

The Five Love Languages is a book published by Dr. Gary Chapman in 1992. It says there are 5 ways to express and experience love:
– words of affirmation
– acts of service
– receiving gifts
– quality time
– physical touch

To find out your own love language is as important as knowing your love one’s love language, since love is a two-way street requires both sides to invest time and effort in.

We did the love language test before and find it useful. Both of our main love language is ‘Quality Time’, so we like to spend 1 on 1 time and doing things together without distraction, however, our second love languages are different. Tina’s one is ‘Receiving Gifts’ (and her last love language is ‘Physical Touch’), Edward’s one is ‘Physical Touch’ (and his last love language is ‘receiving gifts’). So, it is interesting, the way Tina expresses love may not be valued by Edward. At the same time, Edward’s way in expressing love may not be appreciated by Tina. We both learnt to pay attention to each other’s needs and express in the way the other half can understand.

Why the photographer and videographer would talk about this kind of thing? It is because we care. The reason to have shots done for couples and weddings is because we want to ‘preserve love’. Photos and videos let us experience the emotion and the happiness again and again. These memories give us strength and energy to keep going. We record your vows – ‘Words of affirmation’; we bless our clients with what we can give – ‘Acts of service’; the photos and videos are definitely the best gifts to our couples which help them to have the important day relived- ‘Receiving gifts’; we freeze the time and make it last forever – ‘Quality time’; although we may not be able to give lots of hugs and kisses to our clients, our works can touch their hearts – ‘Physical touch’.

Hope the above tips help. Feel free to let us know if it works. The lockdown is the best time to invest in love and relationship.