Usually, when talking about weddings we refer to them as the happiest day in a woman’s life, that moment when her picture-perfect fairytale becomes her reality. And sure, we’re not denying that IS the day, however – what many people neglect to reflect on is how wonderfully diverse weddings can get depending on the culture of the bride and groom.

And it must be this glorious diversity that’s giving each wedding such a blissful breath of individuality that cannot omit but get us in the state of awe! Sure, there is love to that, also. But love… love is already there. We know that if there was no love, there would be no wedding, and there would be no us to observe it. But, if there was no cultural heritage behind a particular celebration, there would be no intense excitements and fascinations with traditions, customs, ideas and beautiful twists on various cultural moments.

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This time around, we’ve decided to focus on just that – cultural influences on weddings and the mother choices they get oh-so-wonderfully intertwined with.

Ladies and gets, we’re giving you some of the sweetest and most unusual wedding traditions we’ve gathered information on:

Indian weddings

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Unlike US weddings that are known to last for half a day and then the pair rides off into the sunset (i.e. they are off to their honeymoon, cheered on by the guests who stay for a few more hours to have fun at the reception), a traditional Indian wedding lasts an average of three days.

Each of the days has a specific program:

The first night

Usually organized at home, with only the couple, close relatives and the bridal party in attendance. The priest often performs the ganesh pooja on this day.

The second day

Starts with a mehndi ceremony. This is when the bride and her female friends and family members get all dolled up, having intricate henna patterns drawn on their hands and feet. That evening, the sangeet takes place. Wedding guests are invited, and the couple’s families are mingling, getting to know one another better, having a meal, dancing, etc.

The third day

The main ceremony when the reception takes place.

Your invitation will state which part of the celebration you are invited to. You may be invited to any part of the three-day celebration or the last day of the events, who knows! Indian weddings are colorful, with brides wearing glossy makeup and plenty of embellishments that will take your breathe away! There is so much to experience at an Indian wedding, as it really is a definition of a good party!

African weddings

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Most of us aren’t really up to date with all Africa has to offer; unfortunately, the focus of talks is mostly on this country’s poverty so we often forget how rich in history and culture this glorious country is.

Whether bride and groom are of African heritage living in some other country, or they are actually living in any of the countries of Africa, incorporating their roots into the wedding is to wear Afrocentric clothing that were custom-made for the big day and involve traditional fabrics such as Ankara, Vlisco, voile lace, etc. into designs that reflect a fusion of African creativity and western influences.

Unlike the past traditions where women used to wear wrap-around “skirt” (i.e. wrapper) and a matching blouse and head wrap, the culture is evolving and adopting a lot of western style. As for men, they wear dashikis (they are now a symbol of black power), and should be in flamboyant colors. With the right embroidering, a dashiki will look dashing! Men too also have their own head gear and they are called Kufi Hats. The jewelry, makeup and accessorize are all unique, inspired by African sensuality.

American weddings

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American weddings must be the most popular and usually most imitated type of celebrations due to them gaining popularity through multiple media presentations such as movies and series adored by the masses. The weddings we see on TV aren’t far from reality, especially if they are Catholic weddings. Naturally, each wedding is customized per the couple’s wishes, but some of the basic guidelines are very well presented.

What’s interesting is that recent years have brought about the fascination with ‘50s style, hence the imitation of it followed in numerous wedding celebrations. A 1950s wedding theme means you can rock a short wedding dress with a colored underskirt or – if you are more of a Hollywood type of girl – you’ll want that Elizabeth Taylor sleek look, with a curve hugging dress, long lashes and a sleek glossy bun. The ‘50s style supports anything from crazy bubbly to polished and genteel!

Basically, whichever style you opt for for your W-day, make sure you stay true to yourself and what inspires you. whether it be a pop culture mainstream trend, a traditional take on your modern life or a hint of imitation of something true to your heart. Whatever makes you happy!