Marriage starts from looking for the love of your life, a man comes and steals your heart. He loves you and you fall in love with him again and again in very moment. You start to imagine how life would be with him, this person you love. Plan every little detail like choosing the dress, research on how to throw a great celebration which you dreamt about many years ago. After the marriage proposal, it is time to make the dream a reality!

On the wedding day, you get excited all over again. Your mind is empty as you just focus on the person you walk to when you step into a church, a hall or a route to the outdoor wedding venue. Just before the start of ceremony, feeling became so complicated which you cannot explain it clearly – a mixture of joy and a bit of ‘sadness’, as you are leaving the family behind, leaving the first man who stood behind your back all the time since you you were born. The one who gives you unconditional love – Dad. To children, father means a strong icon, a person who supports and a teacher. After all these years, it is time to give the girl way to another man. He entrusts this man would be her backbone which she could rely on, support her in difficult times, share joy and a friend who is willing to grow old with her.

Father gently put his daughter’s hand on this man’s hand with hope and trust, ‘Take my daughter’s hand and always be with her.’ You smile, but there is tear rolling down because of this mixed feeling of joy and ‘sadness’. We are honoured to be able to witness these moments over and over again with our cameras.