Do we need to pay a deposit for the booking?
Yes, we normally request a deposit which is 40% of the total cost, however, we have flexible payment options for our clients:

Engagement, Pre-wedding and Wedding –
40% deposit in advance and 60% rest of payment required 14 days before event.

Portrait and events –
a) 100% payment in advance
b) Agreed session fee in advance + photo purchase after session

Is there any other cost other than the service price?

Please kindly provide:

– transportation if the venue is outside London.
– staff food if the shoot is more than 4 hours long.
– accommodation if we need to travel overnight before the photo shoot, or if the photo shoot takes more than 1 day outside London.

What would happen if we end up unhappy with the photos?

If for any reason you’re not impressed with the photos, we’ll pick a day to do a mini-4-hour-shoot at a location of your choice for FREE.

Is there anything we need to be aware of?
For health and safety and insurance reasons we do not allow anyone who is not in our team to touch our equipment – even if they are well-trained in photography! So, although we know your friends are very helpful, please do not invite them to assist in carrying equipment or taking photos.
Why is it important to have the engagement shoot before the wedding day?
Although the engagement shoot is optional, we strongly recommend it because:

1. It gives us a chance to get to know more about you, your style, your story and the rundown of your wedding.
2. It allows us to make sure we know what you are expecting in terms of both taking the photos and the retouch style.
3. It lets you get used to being around the camera and working with us to make memorable photos.

What information do you need to provide before your wedding day photo shoot?
1. Time and location.
2. Restriction of the venues (e.g.Does the venue allow flash photography during the ceremony and the signing of documents?)
3. Logistics of the group photo section
4. Any special needs
5. Two contacts whom we can reach on the day

What happens if unexpected things occur? e.g. Rain? Illness?

For engagement & pre-wedding shoots:
If such things occur during the photo shoot, we will see if we find an alternative, for example, changing the rundown. If we unfortunately need to reschedule the second half of the photo shoot, we do not charge any fee for booking the latter half. If we cannot schedule another date, we will reduce our price in accordance with our actual working hours, but unfortunately the deposit is non-returnable.

If anything that may adversely affect our work should occur before the scheduled shoot, we can only reschedule for another date and the deposit is non-returnable. From our experience, it is still possible to take good photos even during light showers. If heavy rain is expected on the day itself and we need to shoot outdoors, we will suggest rescheduling for another day (unless it’s your wedding day).

If health problem or accident occur, we will arrange back ups for your event.

Are there any restrictions in selecting photo shoot locations?
You can take photos almost anywhere with a valid permit! If you do not want to be stopped by security guards when you are taking photos along the river Thames, some royal parks, football clubs, museums, churches and private areas, then please apply for the permit first.

We can help in permit application. Normally the process takes at least a week. Please let us know the location for your photo shoot at least 10 days in advance.
Clients are responsible for relevant permit fees.

What kind of gear the team use?
We are all Canon shooters and we only use full frame cameras. We are also equipped with different lenses that allow us to get wide angle, middle range and close up shots. For photography, we mainly use flashes to create effects. For videography, we use LED light, mic, proper audio cable, stabiliser, tripod, slider to make sure we get both video and audio clear for editing.

Why do your photographers also do hair and make up?
One of the founder, Tina, was trained in fashion design before she proceeded in her career in photography. She believes all the elements (make up, hair, lighting, clothing, camera, props, background) are essentials when creating beautiful images. She has the passion in mastering all the skills which contribute to the creation of perfect images for her clients. This inspires us to provide one-stop service. We encourage all employees and trainees to have the understanding of different aspects related to image perfection, for example, we may need special treatment in post-production if a client is wearing a well-made high quality silk suit; if clients use heavy loose silica powder for their make-up, we avoid using flash; the way the dress drapes affects the way we apply lighting. We know the founders of MAC (Frank Toskan) and NARS (François Nars) are photographers who are also make-up artists, so we see it is a bonus if employ a multi-talented colleague/partner. We leave it to our clients to decide if they would like our team to do their hair and make up for them.