We have provided wedding photography and videography service for a gracious Indian Bride and an esquire British groom on their happiest day at Northbrook Park Wedding Venue, Farnham, Surrey, England. Their engagement shoot took in Richmond, London was so fabulous too. Although it was a short shoot, we had fun with the couple and the groom’s daughter. Want to see their engagement shoot? Click here.

It was our second time on this countryside wedding venue near greenery and river, to provide our wedding service there. The wedding was a traditional Indian wedding, but the couple and their families came from different background. The bride has punjabi heritage and the groom has Irish heritage.

We have also provided them an engagement photography and videography service just a few months before their wedding day. Feel free to take a look at our links here and watch their love story: We started our shooting 8am in the morning when the radiant bride having her Kalire and Haldi ceremony with her close family members. The ceremony room is quite small, which made the shoot a bit more difficult, but we end up we finishing it smoothly.

When the first part ceremony finished the bride went to change her second traditional saree with her hair and makeup artist. At the same time, we capture the groom preparation shot. His father and groomsmen helped him to wear his suits, tying his bowtie and his cufflinks. There was a short Indian ceremony for this groomsmen tying a friendship bracelet on the groom’s wrist. We were told this bracelet has to be warn throughout the whole day.

We went back to the bridal suite and surprised by the Bollywood film star type of makeup. We learnt that the main makeup artist is actually an educator. She teaches other makeup artist, works in movie sets and gives models tutorials about etiquette and poses. The bride looked radiant and we both agreed she looked like a movie star in Bollywood film. The photos look spectacular with amazing saree which flatter her beautiful eyes. Finally, we witnessed the groom’s entrance and the grand bride’s entrance. The family members and close friends gave them blessings and we were glad we had a chance to take photos with them.

The guests who joined the wedding are all fun-loving people too. In the party, we watched how they dance and really enjoyed it. After the ceremony, the couple had their civil ceremony in a separate room for signing the documents. Then, we finally had 20-30mins to finish their couple portraits with the mandap. It was a romantic and emotional time for them. Nightfall peaked in without us noticing. We had to run for the couple entrance shot.

The couple had a rather western style banquet, but Indian food was on the menu. We shot their cake cutting, speeches, first dance also guest party dance, and their bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’ special performance dance which looked so special for the couple. At the end of the day, we took some more couple portraits with the beautiful, romantic fairy light in the venue. We have also took some photos for the groom’s daughter with her guitar.

We wish them a happy married life ever after. We hope that we will be able to give them our another service when the bundle of joy arrives. Celebrate Love, celebrate Life, call us today. Thank you!