We have served a nice Indian couple’s wedding day in Hilton London Watford Hotel, Northwest London. Their love story unfolded in the elegant ambiance of the hotel, and our wedding photography and videography services were there to capture every moment.

This couple has actually contacted us just a couple weeks before their wedding day because they are both professional doctors and they told us they could not find enough time to plan their wedding arrangement. They got our contact from another doctor friend we served a few weeks before this couple’s wedding, who used to work in the same hospital as the groom.

The Wedding Arrangement

The Hilton London Watford Hotel served as the perfect setting for their celebration. The couple orchestrated the entire event within the venue, creating a convenient and joyous atmosphere for all. As is customary in Indian weddings, the ceremony took center stage. It was an enjoyable celebration, the food and dance were superb!

The Unusual Requests

The DJ offered to display the wedding photos at the party. So during the party, we took about an hour off to process the ceremony photos for the DJ. It enhanced the guests’ experience as people genuinely enjoyed reviewing the day! In the instant edits, we included the preparation shots before the ceremony, showing the bride getting her makeup done and the groom having the turban fitted.

The first look of the couple got a lot of cheers. The bride walked on the idle accompanied by her father and her son. Her radiant look was done by the same makeup artist who served another doctor’s wedding. She is very nice and professional. Unlike other Asian makeup artists, she sells natural bridal looks, so the brides look like themselves.

We enjoyed their wedding very much and took lots of photos during the party session. We hope this memory will last forever for their family. And we wish them an everlasting wonderful married life!

Hope you like our work. If we can serve you on your special day, contact us now.