Many people asked us what are the art edits we provide in the package. In general, we provide hundreds of photos of the day, they are the record of the day which are the treasure nonetheless, however, some of the nicest photos worth more attention and become one of the kind art works which couple may print and hang them on their new homes’ walls or feature in album books.

The first thing we do after taking the photos is culling, then followed by colour adjustment. We will then send them to clients to pick those they like for art editing. We will readjust the colours, lighting if necessary. Other detail retouch will be taken place as well, like removing winkles, acne, obvious pores, unwanted objects in the background, slimming waist and arms, etc. Sometimes we just send the art edits to clients, but most of the time, we would help printing them out in large format, because choosing suitable materials is an art too. You definitely want something last 100 years – archival grade material which is acid-free for both the paper and packages. The more tricky work is actually colour matching with the factory’s printer setting. In this case, we can make the highest specification products which cannot compared with high street service.

Below, we are showing an example of art edit.

The wedding highlight of this wedding

We have provided wedding photography and videography service in Southall, London, for Syrian bride and groom with their intimate family members, friends and other guests. We went to this wedding with a female photographer and a female videographer because the couple has asked us with this special request mainly for the conveniency to photography the bride’s side when the ladies can let their hair down. They wanted more privacy because of their religious tradition. So, we always get ourselves ready to provide our best service and fulfil our couples’ special enquires and needs. The beautiful bride told us she used to be a professional fashion model in the UK and she knows how to pose very well and very relax in front of our cameras. May be this is not the best venue with the best service in the world, the photos and videos left a lovely memory for them. We are dedicated to make our couples’ dreams come true. We did edited with special care.

Interested in our art edit service, drop us a few lines. Thank you!