It Is A Celebration Of Life

Congratulations Sam and Rob! This sweet couple has planned a surprise wedding. They told everyone it was their birthday party. Everyone thought they came for their big 50 and 60 birthday. At the same time, it is also their 25th anniversary of being together. When Sam called us, our first thought was, the registers are not going to do that… But surprisingly, they did! They disguised as guests and took everyone by surprise.

The couple went back to the place they first met – Gerrards Cross Community Association, not far from Slough. There was one guest said he was unhappy, because he didn’t wear outfits suitable for a wedding. So now we know we need to wear our best for birthday parties.

Who knows if they are another surprise wedding!? We saw lots of their guests cried with happy tears. Everyone, including the weather, sent blessings to this couple. It was originally forecasted rainy all day, but ended up, we managed to film some clips outdoor.

It was not difficult to put the teaser video together. When we filmed this couple’s wedding, we knew it would look good no matter how we edited it. There are too many surprises and emotions going through the ceiling!

For the couple, there is another meaning for this wedding. Rob said in his speech, that it is a celebration of life. He was dead from a heart attack for a few minutes 2 years ago. Sam was next to him at that time and gave him CPR. “Sam is my hero. She saved me.” Rob said. They toasted for life. We are very happy for them.

We would like to mention the singers who sang beautifully for the ceremony and her husband. These professional singers are friends of the couple. We thought someone was playing CD when the couple entered the hall. It was that beautiful! Bless them for doing this the day before their own wedding anniversary. Hope they had a great time too!

We would love to capture more surprises! If you have creative ideas for your wedding, let us know, we would love to get involved!