We are not sure today when the vaccine is coming out for us, but it seems there will be relaxation for the lockdown. For some reasons, couples may choose to get married right after the lockdown. Maybe it is because baby is on the way, there is no other date the whole family can gather together or simply do not want to wait any longer because life is unpredictable. There are 3 things we would advise our couples to consider:

“Facial” Accessories
We have seen a lot of decorated face masks for grooms and brides. We do not know how you feel about it, as a lot of them are just decorative. Will you wear a face mask on your wedding day? If you are getting married in countries required you to wear face masks in public area, like Germany and Czech Republic, you probably cannot avoid wearing one (or a few) on the day. 

You may decide not to wear face masks for different reasons, but want some sort of protection? A visor may be helpful. We can imagine this could be used during drinking reception when you mingle with friends and family members and also the people who serve the food and drinks. 

Visor underneath veil and hair piece

At the same time, you may have to expect vendors wearing face masks, since they may have concern not knowing if any guests and other vendors have the virus which are infectious. For us, just in case, we prepare the face masks which we can wear for long time in order to avoid the need of changing face masks. (And it seems more environmental friendly)

Risk Assessments 
Download the App and suggest the guests to do the same (which the local governments recommended the citizens to download). It would help everyone to identify whether it is safe to attend the event or better self-isolate.

Live Broadcast
Keep an eye on governments’ announcements regarding the number of people for social gathering. Advice the guests cannot come to watch live broadcast instead. Below are the 3 methods we recommend. You can do this yourself, but we are happy to help and handle these for you as well. To make these works, you will need to be sure there is strong signal for wifi at the location(s).

Simple 360 VR Broadcast 

Don’t need a few professionals, your photographer/ videographer would be able to handle it, just give them extra 15mins to set it up, but very easy, just need to pop it onto a tripod and set up the app

See Guests’ Comments on Facebook/ Youtube, can’t see their faces
Run out of battery may cause the broadcast stop (still good for ceremony last for an hour)


See Guests’ face to face and able to hear them
Easy to use and set up

May need a dedicated person for holding the phone/ laptop if changing angles is needed
Not free after 40 mins for group meeting more than 3 people
Max 100 devices join in the same chat room. If you have a large party, you may need a few accounts and a few devices for the live broadcast.

Ecamm Live

Instant sharing different graphics, stream videos and links with live picture-in-picture
Support multi-cams
Able to feed in Zoom 
Live on Youtube and Facebook platforms at the same time
Canon camera user friendly

Not free after 14 days trial
Only for Mac user

Hope the above helps. We will keep an eye on the news and announcement and give you the latest suggestion and tips for your wedding preparation. Watch this space and contact us anytime you need advice.